Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Canterbury

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

What would happen to your business if your staff caught the flu this winter? It’s not “just a bad cold” – real influenza is a serious respiratory illness that can make people seriously sick for a week or more, and lead to complications such as pneumonia, organ failure, or worst case scenario death. 

Is a flu vaccination something you offer your staff?

Annual vaccination is the best protection against the flu, and even if you or your staff catch it, symptoms are likely to be much less severe, resulting in less time off work. 

Flu vaccination protects individuals and helps build community immunity, reducing the overall spread of influenza and its potential impact on workplace productivity.

Participating in an annual immunization program can lead to substantial financial savings for a company.

When should you vaccinate your staff?

It’s best to get vaccinated early in the flu season because it can take up to 14 days for your body to develop protection.

Getting your staff vaccinated before flu season hits, ensures you stay ahead of the game! 

Things you need to know

First Aid – A first aider must be on-site and available during the vaccination.

All individuals receiving the flu vaccination are required to remain on-site and within view of the first aider for five minutes following the vaccination, however, a 20-minute wait is required for those who have never received a flu vaccination before.

For more information on the flu vaccine in New Zealand, visit Te Whatu Ora’s website.

Influenza Facts


  • Flu shots do not cause the flu! They contain inactivated viruses or viral components that cannot cause illness.
  • Influenza isn’t “just a bad cold”. It’s an acute respiratory infection that can be serious.
  • Each year, over 200,000 New Zealanders contract influenza and 400 die.
  • Even if you’ve had the flu before, you should still get vaccinated annually because immunity wanes over time, and new strains emerge.
  • Flu vaccines protect against the most common and potentially severe strains of influenza expected to circulate during the flu season.
  • Getting vaccinated against the flu significantly reduces the risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others.
  • It takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to provide full protection, so getting vaccinated early in the flu season is advisable!
  • Flu vaccines are safe for the vast majority of people. Serious side effects are rare, with the most common being mild soreness or redness at the injection site.

Drop-In Clinic

We’re holding drop-in clinics for flu vaccinations as follows.
No bookings necessary; just look for the Compliance Partners’ Black Ambulance!

📅 Thursday 16th May 2024; 📍111 Victoria Street, Ashburton

📅 Friday 17th May 2024; 📍9 Victoria Street, Parkside, Timaru

Compliance Partners Black Ambulance

Workplace Flu Jab Bookings

Compliance Partners visits workplaces across Canterbury to provide on-site services. The best time to get the flu jab is before winter starts — book now to secure a time before flu season arrives!

Please call us on 0800 249 7233 if you have any questions, or download our PDF Flu Jab info sheet here.

Complete the form below to enquire about booking your workplace flu vaccinations. We’ll be in touch within one working day to confirm.

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