Tailored Workplace Health and Safety Solutions

Is workplace health and safety giving you a headache? 

Let us take the pain away. We come to you and offer tailored health and safety solutions to fit your needs.  We start with a free health and safety warrant of fitness and work with you through a comprehensive health and safety evaluation. Some businesses may only need a few changes while others might need more of a helping hand.  

Our aim is to help you ensure the people at your workplace are safe from risk and harm.  We can help you set up a well-functioning system that ensures everyone who comes to your place of business is provided with the highest level of protection. 

Safe environments for everyone at your workplace

Read more here on the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016

At the heart of our service is a deep understanding that every business is unique, which is why we don’t just offer solutions; we become a part of your team. Whether you’re operating a bustling site or managing a serene farm, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and join you on-site, ensuring that every aspect of your health and safety requirements is meticulously addressed.

What We Do

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to cover every angle of health and safety in your workplace:

  • Incident Response: We assist with thorough incident investigations, helping you understand what happened and how to prevent future occurrences.
  • Regulatory Preparedness: From Worksafe visits to full-scale investigations, we ensure you’re always prepared, compliant, and confident.
  • Documentation Excellence: We compile all necessary policy, procedures, and Health & Safety (HS) manuals, ensuring your documentation is comprehensive and compliant.
  • Audits and Inspections: Our team conducts detailed site/farm audits and inspections, identifying potential risks and providing actionable insights.
  • Custom Safety Plans: We develop site-specific safety plans tailored to your unique operational needs.
  • Certifications and Qualifications: We guide you through achieving prequal qualifications like Totika, Prequal, Sitesafe, and Safe365.
  • Workplace Wellness: From ergonomic assessments to drug and alcohol testing, we prioritize the well-being of your employees.
  • Training and Inductions: We offer comprehensive employee inductions and awareness training, fostering a culture of safety and vigilance.

Tailored Packages for Every Need

Understanding that each business has distinct needs, we’ve crafted flexible packages that cater to varying levels of support:

  • Package 1: The foundational HS manual, complete with all essential documents and guidelines.
  • Package 2: Everything in Package 1 plus two on-site visits, personalized SOPs, legislative updates, and 24/7 phone support.
  • Package 3: Expanding on Package 2 with four on-site visits, safety toolbox talks, and quarterly reviews for ongoing compliance and improvement.
  • Package 4: Our most comprehensive package, with six on-site visits, bi-monthly reviews, and the most personalized, in-depth service offering.

In addition to our packages, we offer a range of additional services on a set price or hourly rate basis, ensuring that you have the support you need, whenever you need it.

We don’t just consult; we partner with you to ensure your business is a safe, compliant, and healthy place to work. 

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Let's not mince words...

Don’t wing it!  When the inspector calls you need to be health and safety ready – not only for your business compliance, but for the sake of your people and your peace of mind. Arrange for one of our tailored health and safety solutions for your business today.

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