Workplace Drug Testing

Is drug screening necessary in your workplace?

Impairment due to alcohol and other drug use can have a negative impact on workplace health, safety performance and morale.  Policies, procedures and screening help eliminate issues surrounding drug and alcohol use and ensure a safe and productive workplace. 

At Compliance Partners, we perform preemployment testing, on-site drug testing at random and testing on suspicion through to the development and implementation of a drug and alcohol policy to suit your business.

Drug use can cause significant health and safety hazards in the workplace.  It can lead to poor employee morale, performance and engagement.

Screening options
  • Random drug testing 
  • Reactive post incident or reasonable cause drug testing
  • Regular drug testing for pre-employment medicals, health monitoring and sports 

We use well-established methods of drug testing that have the greatest range of detectable drugs. All of our drug testing and drug testers meet the necessary standards and have completed the appropriate qualifications.

Our range of drug testing capability includes:
  • Qualified drug testers
  • Urine testing for drug testing
  • Saliva swab drug testing
  • Breathalyser
Employees right to privacy

All employees have rights to privacy under the Privacy Act 1993 and rights under the Human Rights Act 1993, so ensure that you have a drug and alcohol testing policies that form part of an employment agreement and workplace policies.

We can help you with your policies to ensure everyone at your workplace is protected. 

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Drug testing in a nutshell...

Helping you eliminate drug and alcohol related problems at your workplace by performing on-site drug testing when and where you need it. 

Building policy to ensure that you don’t breach the rights of your workers and people in workplace are protected.

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