Saliva Swab Drug Testing

saliva drug testing

Saliva testing has many unique features that make it the right choice for employees, their Unions and employers, and business owners. The combination of cost-effectiveness, rapid and less invasive specimen collection, and results relevant to the risk of recent use make good business sense to adopt saliva as the specimen you use for workplace drug testing.

Who is using Saliva Drug Testing?

Industries using saliva testing include Construction, Transport and Freight, Manufacturing, Forestry, Meat Processing, and Farming.

What are the benefits?

Saliva testing is a less invasive way of drug testing and is preferred by employees, unions, and employers.

The benefits include:

• Targets recent use.
• Employee and union demand for a fairer test of potential impairment – acute impairment.
• Considered less invasive.
• Less potential for cheating.
• No requirement for a bathroom facility.
• The collection process and the ability of the donor to read results eliminate the subjectivity of interpretation.

Why use Saliva Drug Testing Over Urine Drug Testing?

Urine drug testing, for example with Cannabis, can show a positive result for days or weeks after use which may not be applicable to whether or not your employee is safe to work. Whereas in oral testing, cannabis will be picked up for 12 hours, so recent use and possible impairment at work is detected.

When should we use Saliva Drug Testing?

• Reasonable Cause Testing – the employer believes a staff member is impaired at work or where drug use is potentially witnessed.
• Post-Accident (same day) – accidents occurring during work time or on company property.
• Random Testing – used where an employee is working in a safety-sensitive area or if an employee’s work directly impacts the safety of others.

Urine drug testing remains the preferred method for all Pre-Employment Drug Testing, but this is for the employer’s determination.

  • on April 27, 2022