Do you have a plan for entry and exit on Moving (Gypsy) Day?

Moving Day / Gypsy Day Health & Safety

Seven critical areas when exercising due care towards other road users when using public roads for stock movement.

Moving (Gypsy) Day Plan
  1. Plan for the move: Start with good communication, clear expectations and a solid plan.
  2. Consistency of warning – Make sure you are using adequate distance and visibility on public roads. What is sufficient warning distance?
    a. Warning signs must be placed at 3 x the speed limit in metres from oncoming traffic on either a stand or a pilot vehicle and from 3 x the speed limit in metres from the stand or pilot vehicle to stock.
  3. Conduct a road risk profile to determine the level of risk:
    a. The risk associated with where the stock are located on the road.
    b. The risk associated with moving stock with low visibility due to weather, geography and light.
    c. The risk associated with traffic speed and density.
    d. The risk associated with stock numbers.
  4. Visibility is essential for yourself and stock. Wearing high vis clothing, positioning warning signs correctly and having flashing amber beacon lights on droving vehicles or pilot vehicles are important for visibility to other road users.
  5. Keeping stock to the side of the road or the berm creates less of a hazard than stock wandering all over the road.
  6. Plan to move during daylight hours and avoiding peak traffic hours when moving stock. Visibility issues due to fog, rain, winding roads, hills and foliage all play a part in obstructing the view of oncoming traffic. Much of this can not be avoided, so giving clear advanced warning will help to mitigate risk
  7. If large machinery is being moved, use a pilot vehicle with a wide load sign. Where possible, move this ahead of time if it isn’t currently in use – one less safety hazard to manage on the day itself.
  8. The larger the herd being moved, the higher the risk. Anything over 50 head of stock is considered high risk.
    There are legal obligations when moving stock that you must be aware of. The NZTA stock under control provides clear guidance on your legal obligations when moving stock
    If you are moving stock on a public road or highway for Moving (Gypsy) Day, you are required to have a permit* and a traffic management plan.

*Permits are available from individual councils

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  • on May 19, 2021