Quad Bike Safety Device

Crush protection devices

Quad bike safety devices – crush protection devices (CPDs) – are designed to prevent riders from becoming trapped, crushed or suffocated by the weight of a quad bike. You don’t see them often on New Zealand quad bikes, but a pending law change proposal and an ACC initiative offering cashbacks on certain quad bike CPDs, may mean we start to see them more often.

While helmets are mandatory on quad bikes, Worksafe NZ strongly supports the addition of CPDs. Although some manufacturers say not to retrofit CPDs, Worksafe NZ believes the research says otherwise with CPDs more likely to prevent serious injuries or even fatalities.  

ACC cashback on CPDs

Currently, ACC is working with Worksafe NZ to promote installing CDPs on quad bikes by offering cashbacks. ACC are being prescriptive in their cashback offer by only offering the $180 + gst on Quadbar, Quadbar Flexi, and ATV Lifeguard CPDs.

Safety on farm vehicles and machinery is part of a person conducting a business or undertakings (PCBU) duty of care. Where reasonably practicable all efforts must be used to minimize risk if it cannot be eliminated altogether. Remember, always wear your helmet and use the right vehicle for the right job. 

For more information on the ACC cashback offer on CPDs head to ACC.

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Health and safety is not about telling you how to run your business. It is about helping to equip you with the right advice to keep your workers, your family and yourself safe while at your place of business.  If you would like to find out more about our health and safety package read here

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  • on January 22, 2021