Saliva Swab Drug Testing.

Saliva testing has many unique features that make it the right choice for employees, their Unions and employers, and business owners.

saliva drug testing

Why it is important to set clear expectations with your employees

In the workplace there are many different occasions when managers will need to set, agree and be guided by expectations.

Do you have a plan for entry and exit on Moving (Gypsy) Day?

Seven critical areas when exercising due care towards other road users when using public roads for stock movement.

Moving (Gypsy) Day Plan

10 things you should know about health monitoring

According to Worksafe (2019) statistics, workplace ill-health is a very real and serious issue here in New Zealand.   “A worker […]


Working in extreme temperatures

Being sun smart is something we Kiwis have been practicing for decades now, avoiding the high levels of ultraviolet radiation […]

working in heat

Covid-19 Burnout

Covid-19 burnout is a very real thing with research suggesting an increase in anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress due to […]

covid-19 burnout

Why Flu vaccinations for your business are so important.

Is the flu vaccination something you offer your staff? If so, now’s the time to get a head start on […]

workplace flu vaccinations

Silos and the risks they present

Working in confined spaces and working at heights are hazardous. On farm silos are one area that presents both of […]

Crush protection devices on quad bikes

Quad bike safety device – crush protection devices (CPDs) are designed to prevent riders from becoming trapped, crushed or suffocated […]

When the health and safety inspector calls

Does the prospect of a health and safety inspector turning up at your place of business fill you with dread?  […]